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Update on CAU Faculty Layoffs

As the 2008-2009 academic year draws to a close, I have a couple of updates on the mid-semester faculty layoffs at Clark-Atlanta University (CAU) (see my previous blogs on this topic, about what happened with my wife, and the AAUP’s … Continue reading

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Teaching what we preach

At Georgia Tech, we are revising our teaching of molecules, cells and metabolism (our Module 3) to follow an evolutionary perspective. It strikes me that although we talk about the importance of evolution as an organizing principle of life, and … Continue reading

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Peter Gogarten’s seminar – role of Chlamydia in origin of plastids?

I heard a provocative seminar by Peter Gogarten of U. Conn today. His work is funded by the NASA Exobiology program and by NSF’s Tree of Life program. The title of his seminar was “Phylogenetics in Light of Horizontal Gene … Continue reading

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Does Catbert Work at Clark-Atlanta University?

Fans of Scott Adams’ comic “Dilbert” know Catbert as the Evil Director of Human Resources, who takes pleasure in torturing employees through sadistic and nonsensical policies and whose chief delight is “downsizing”. Not only has CAU fired nearly a third … Continue reading

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