I’m an Associate Professor, School of Biology, Georgia Tech and Director of the Professional Science Masters program in Bioinformatics. I’ve been at GT since 1986. I’ve done research on plant protein kinases with calmodulin-like domains, and some research with yeast lipid metabolism that has yet to bear fruit. I have taught a wide variety of courses, but I most enjoy teaching large intro lecture courses – both challenging and rewarding.

I’m married to a plant physiologist who was until February 2009 a tenured Associate Professor at Clark-Atlanta University, and is now a free-lance grant writer and grant consultant (www.thegrantsciencelab.com). We have a daughter who is enrolled at Reed College and majoring in Biology.

I Tweet occasionally about Biology education issues and blog posts; you can follow me on Twitter @jung_gt.

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2 Responses to About

  1. Amylynne Santiago Volker says:

    I am the mother of Nic Volker. The first person saved by DNA sequencing. In your writings about my son you have several facts wrong including the spelling of his name and his birth order, even how many sisters he has. Perhaps you can go back and re read the articles you have listed for references and make the necessary corrections.

    • jchoigt says:

      Thank you for commenting. I have corrected the errors and I hope you and your family are OK with this learning exercise.

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