Biology Games

Learning through gaming. At whatever level of sophistication. If you find a great game that has real science at its core, let me know so I can post it here.

Check out the Science Game Center for links to science games and reviews by players and experts.

The Cure Play games, defeat cancer. “When people play TheCure they use their knowledge (or their ability to search the Web or their social networks) to make informed decisions about the best combinations of variables (e.g. genes) to use to build predictive patterns.”

Cut It Out A game where the player places 1-4 bases on a playing board to create restriction sites to match the restriction enzyme cards in his or her hand. Played against the computer, with 3 levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.

EvoEd Games Simulations and games of the effects of color vision (monkey opsins), mouse fur color, and pea taste, integrating ecology, molecular biology, cell biology and population genetics aspects.

EteRNA Design an RNA molecule. Weekly winner’s designs are synthesized and tested to see how they actually fold. “Played by humans, scored by nature.”

Fold It The protein folding game where players were able to solve some structures better than existing computer algorithms. Great for learning the principles of protein folding and structure.

Phylo Players create short multiple sequence alignments of real sequences. Quite challenging. This site hosts a Training game which quizzes you on genes and diseases; Dizeez, a matching game of genes and diseases; GeneESP; and COMBO1.


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